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Dasha Biography: Nina,Dascha Plus,Dascha If you're wondering about squirting queen Dasha's hot exotic accent, she's got it because she originally hails from the Czech Republic. But it's in America that Dasha made her fame and fortune as a pornstar. Born in 1976 in Brno, Czech Republic, she was a ballet dancer and synchronized swimmer in her home country before moving to the USA in 1998. Dasha was a waitress and K-Mart employee before deciding to put her athletic skills and hot bod to good use as an erotic dancer. After about a year of stripping, she grew tired of it. Dasha's transition to porn came from spotting a VHS tape from Vivid in an adult shop. "I liked the design of the Vivid boxes, so I found out where their offices were, went there, and asked for a job," Dasha said when telling her porn origin story. "I don't even know how I came to that idea. I had never watched porn and had no idea what it was. I'm so happy that I did though because I have never been happier before, since I started in porn." Thanks to her passionate lust for anal and her insane gushing orgasms, she was an instant hit. She was married to pornstar Dillon Day for a little while, but they broke up. Her appeal reached outside of smut; you can spot Dasha in music videos for Madonna and Deftones. Dasha's now retired, but her videos are as arousing as ever!