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Steven St Croix Biography: There's so much to say about Steven St. Croix's 20-year-plus porn career. He's starred in over 1200 screw flicks. He's fucked every woman you've ever lusted after. His penis is insured for one million dollars through Lloyd's of London. It's hard to know where to start, but the story about how he got into porn is almost as entertaining as his the movie's he's made during his epic decades in the biz. Steven was born in Los Angeles on February 24, 1968, and originally went to trade school to train as a stonemason. After graduating, Steven had difficulty finding work in his field, so he worked a variety of jobs including cook, morning radio show sidekick, and male stripper. As one of his many odd jobs, he landed a gig as Production Assistant for the Ron Jeremey movie "Deep Throat 6". When one of the male performers couldn't appear because he was in jail, St. Croix offered to step in and do the scene. The director went for it, and it worked. It was immediately obvious that Steven had the prowess, charm, and stamina to be a top-tier pornstar. That fluke led him to porn superstardom, and he hasn't looked back since. Check out PornPornPorn's selection of Steven St. Croix movies to see why he's been able to fuck for a living for all these years.